Level 3 Paediatric First Aid courses ( Suitable for Child carers )

What does this course include?

Role of a paediatric first aider   Assess an emergency situation
Dealing with an unconscious infant or child  CPR & AED training
Choking   External Bleeding & Minor Injuries
How to deal with shock  Fractures & Dislocation
Head, Neck & Back Injuries Diabetes
Meningitis Asthma
Febrile Convulsions Extreme Heat & Cold
Electric Shock  Burns & Scalds
Poisons Bites & Stings
Allergic Reaction & Anaphylaxis Ear, Nose & Eye conditions


Meets all current EYFS guidelines for paediatric first aid

2018 Course Availability 


2019 Course Availability 



Why choose Millie's Trust?

Millie's Trust have the safety of children at their hearts.

Millie's parents believe that everyone who attends a Millie's Trust first aid course would have the knowledge, confidence and ability to be able react calmly and effectively in a situation that required first aid treatment.

Millie's Trust are a registered first aid training provider offering the highest quality courses at a very low price.

All monies raised feed straight back into the community to spread more knowledge and awareness of paediatric first aid.


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