How can businesses help Millie's Trust?


Corporate support does not only mean that businesses donate pennies to us.

Corporate support can be given to Millie's Trust in a variety of ways which in turn lead to us being able to host more family first aid courses.

You can click on the logos below to see how each of these businesses have been helping us. 

If you think you business can help us in anyway, please do get in touch. 



B for Balloons   B for Balloons consistently support both our internal and external…Shop Now
Big Yellow Storage Get some space in your life.TM   Big Yellow Self Storage  have been…Shop Now
Chiquito               Shop Now
Equity Foundation Millie's Trust are very pleased to have had continued local…Shop Now
Pioneer Digital Solutions   Pioneer Digital Solutions have supported Millie's Trust since 2013 and…Shop Now
Steroplast               Steroplast Healthcare have helped us hugely over the…Shop Now
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