Meet our Trainers and Join our team

The Millie's Trust First Aid Training Team is led by Millie's mum and dad, Joanne and Dan Thompson.

Based in Stockport, the charity is in huge demand for it's training throughout the UK & Ireland and due to this the charity works in partnership with other first aid trainers in the country.

We look for the best, the most passionate and the most knowledgable trainers that we can find and trainers who can ensure that you enjoy your training but that you also go home with lots of knowldge and most importantly the confidence to administer your training if you ever need to use it. 

Check out profiles of some of the trainers on other pages on our website.

We speak and meet all of our trainers before using them to ensure that they will fit in well with the Millie's Trust Team.

All our trainers are registered with our training centre to teach Level 3 Qualifications. 

If you teach Level 3 Paediatric First Aid Qualifications and you would be interested in working with us, please contact us here


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