North West - Barry Sutcliffe



I’m a newly qualified First Aid Instructor, which has trained through Millie’s Trust.  Having recently retired from the fire service after 30 years. During my career I was a First Aid instructor for a number of years, teaching and assessing First Aid at Work and Trauma management courses. I have a wealth of experience in dealing with traumatic situations including road traffic collisions and fires to name just two.

I’ve always had an interest in First Aid, and thought that I’d like to pass on some of my experiences and skills to people when I left the fire service. Joanne is a close family friend and I’ve been aware of Millie’s Trust from the outset. The determination, dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work that Dan and Joanne have been doing has inspired me to update my skills and to start off on another career path. I’m proud to tell people that I work on behalf of Millie’s Trust.

Looking forward to meeting you soon on a course! 

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