North West - Emma Milligan

North West - Emma Milligan



Hello my name is Emma and I am a fully qualified First Aid Instructor who has been delivering First Aid Training for the past 6 years. I get so much satisfaction out of what I do, training people to save lives!  My career started in childcare, firstly as a nursery nurse leading to management and then delivering childcare qualifications to people in their workplaces.  Whilst delivering these qualifications I was offered the chance to train to be a first aid instructor and I jumped at the chance!

My time in childcare had shown me that there was a lot of resistance to First Aid training – people were afraid to attend courses, they didn’t enjoy them and the courses were expensive and I could see the need for more training in settings. I wanted to make a difference and be able to offer courses that were engaging and made people want to learn and enjoy the subject, giving them the confidence to take action if necessary. I found that my own experience of being a first aider in a childcare setting helped engage those attending and made the sessions relevant to the types of situations they may find themselves in. There has been a lot of emphasis recently on increasing the levels of first aid training in childcare settings and when I heard about Millie's Trust I followed with interest, what they have achieved is amazing and is so needed in the childcare industry.

Around 18 months ago my husband and I set up our own training company, GEM Compliance Training, based in Keighley, West Yorkshire which delivers First Aid training amongst other safety courses. We wanted to provide valuable, enjoyable and affordable training for all. My role at GEM is to manage our trainers and ensure quality and I also deliver most of our Paediatric First Aid Training.  When I saw on the Millie’s Trust website that there was an opportunity to work as a trainer for them I couldn’t wait to apply and I’m so excited to be delivering courses for Millie’s Trust.

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