Midlands - Vince Wright


I’m Vince Wright - new to Millie’s Trust but old everywhere else!

I started training First Aid in 2003 (I was 5 obviously!)

As a HSE approved First Aid instructor (I’d been a First Aider for many years before that) I set up and I run Forthwright Training providing First Aid, Food Safety and Health and Safety courses.

Working with local colleges I soon became involved with the care students and became approved by the local EYFS to teach PAEDIATRIC FIRST AID. A true first aid anorak I soon found work with the local schools and children centres, regularly getting feedback from the students about real life situation.

First aid should not just be treated as a box ticking exercise but potentially as a matter of life and death. It has to work in the real world. I should know, I had a serious family incident to deal with in 2016.

First aid should be fun and educational so join me for a day or 3 and pay it forward.

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