South West - Katie Finn


"Hi, I am Katie and am a paediatric nurse with a wealth of experience in accident and emergency departments and paediatric burns. I realised while working at the coalface of the health sector, so many of the children I cared for on a daily basis could have avoided the situations they were in.

I developed a passion for teaching and realised that prevention is pivotal when dealing with life threatening injuries or illness. I wanted to educate and support parents so, in 2011 set up my business, Kidz First Aid, to teach families and carers basic life support, first aid, accident prevention and what to do with when your child is unwell.

As part of my business I came across Millie's trust and was blown away by the strength and positivity that Joanne and Dan have. I instantly knew I wanted to be involved in such an amazing charity as I also feel it is vital to educate families and carers to help avoid a tragedy like this occurring again. I was so excited when I received the call from Joanne saying she would like me to get on board as their trainer for the South West.

My in-depth knowledge and experience of the subject enables me to teach this in a knowledgeable and confident manner. A&E nursing is in my blood so I continue to work part-time in this field. It reminds me of the significance of the course I teach as well as providing me with the excellent skills and up to date knowledge I need to support this.

I think Joanne and Dan are amazing and not a day goes by when I don’t think of them and little Millie. I cannot put into words how proud I am to be part of the Millie’s Trust team and totally believe in everything it stands for. "

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