Scotland - Ian Dargie

Hi there, I’m Ian Dargie, of Training4Life (Scotland).

My interest in first aid began when, as a young lad in the Boy’s Brigade, I took the B.B. First Aid certificate, followed by the badge and the first and second advanced awards – by then I was hooked!  About the same time, I was involved in a “rescue” (someone got cramp!) in the school pool, as a result of which the school staff encouraged me to take up life-saving.  I joined my local club, and have been a member of the Royal Life Saving Society (R.L.S.S.) ever since.

On leaving school, I spent the next thirty years in the police, in both London and Scotland, and I was frequently involved in all sorts of first aid related incidents. I was twice commended for life-saving actions.

Although I have been a qualified R.L.S.S. trainer assessor for nearly twenty-five years, my introduction to professional training did not come until 2006, when I found myself in Iraq, training the police service out there.  One of the responsibilities I had there was preparing and delivering a first aid course for the police recruits.  Given the cultural differences and attitudes, this was a lot more challenging than I could have imagined!

On returning home, I founded Training4Life (Scotland), initially to deliver a broad spectrum of work-place training, though I soon decided to concentrate on my first passion, first aid, and leave the other stuff to my trainers.  Since then, I have been delivering first aid training throughout the UK, and all across the community, including the police, G.P’s (yes, they need training too!), dentists, and industry, but especially to three foster-care organisations, schools and nurseries.

I consider myself to be very fortunate – very few people are lucky enough to have one carer that they love, but I have had one, and am now enjoying my second.

First aid is a very important, serious subject.  Of course it is, but learning it doesn’t have to be; I firmly believe that bored people don’t learn, so I do my best to make my training engaging, enjoyable and, where appropriate, humorous.

I was delighted to be asked to become part of the Millie’s Trust team and look forward to working with Joanne, Dan and the gang.

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