UPDATE Jan 11th 2021 - COVID 19

COVID 19 Update – 19th Jnauary 2021

Millies Trust are are continuing to train our qualifiation courses in England within the government guidelines.

Our attendees are allowed to attend first aid courses as they have to be taught face to face so we can assess.

It is important that first aid courses continue to be taught as this helps to save lives and eases pressure on out A&E departments and the NHS.  

Please note that we only have part of our team back in the Millie’s Trust office  at the moment, so please bear with us when you contact us and we will be back in touch as soon as possible.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions we have changed the way of working in the Millie’s Trust environment. To ensure that you are comfortable and safe when you attend a course we will have implemented the following;

  1. Social Distancing restrictions of 1m+ in your training room between candidates
  2. Mandatory COVID Questions on arrival
  3. Face coverings will be mandatory when you are in our building taking part in the course
  4. Electronic hand sanitising stations have been placed in various areas throughout the building for your use
  5. Each candidate will receive your own manikins to use on the course – and these will include brand new lungs for each of the two manikins
  6. Your own individual Dressings, Triangular Bandage and Facial Shield
  7. Limited contact with admin team – only if needed
  8. Maximum of 12 attendees per course

We know that times are currently hard for everyone and we do really appreciate any extra donation that you can give to support our costs at this time to ensure the quality and safety on our courses.