Equity Foundation

Millie's Trust are very pleased to have had continued local support from Equity Foundation, which has been formed from the Equity Housing Group. Equity Foundation have now donated £195,000 to projects across Manchester. 

In 2013, Millie's Trust actually received our first ever grant from Equity of £1700 and this supported Joanne and Dan through their first aid teaching qualifications and helped us to purchse our first ever sets of training equipment (that we are still actively using today) 

In 2015, we were able to apply for a further grant as we qualified again and we were successful in receiving £2,500 which Millie's Trust have matched and we have been using this in a schools project where we have been teaching children in schools, with each child receiving a jam packed goodie bag to go home with and tell their parents about us.

The grant in 2015 came in conjunction with a project with John Southworth Builders who support the Equity Grant Programme.  

We are just coming to the end of this proejct and we will soon be releasing a case study on it, so watch this space soon. 

We are looking forward to working with Equity again in the coming future.