Jenny White

How did you hear about Millie's Trust? 

Various sources, but I remember the original petition, and press release and was flabbergasted (and admittedly ashamed) that I hadn’t realised it was NOT legislative to have all staff first aid trained as opposed to being just best practice.  

What made you want to get involved with Millie's Trust? 

Reasons as outlined above, supporting new legislation and Millies legacy to change and improve the future prospects for others. In addition having known parents who had lost a child. No one should have to endure this however if there is a shred of hope for future events I am behind the catalyst for change in whatever form this takes.

What is your background? 

First and foremost a parent. I have a degree in Human Resource Management and then made a career change into nursing working in general Paediatrics and the Respiratory Clinic. I then set up my First Aid Training business in a bid to have more flexibility as a parent and combine my people skills, medical background and love of teaching. I have recently qualified as an Adult Mental Health First Aid instructor with MHFA England.

Tell me something interesting about yourself.

I have recently started horse riding again a 25 year hiatus, (after the loss of my father in 2017 to cancer, who from his death bed instructed myself and siblings to 1. Do what you love, 2. Work hard, 3. Be kind. I have lived to these words since) it feels completely decedent but horses and riding are a metaphor for so many life lessons and skills. People who know me well would call me ‘Alice’ as I am always curious and always questioning, plus I often enjoy an adventure down a rabbit hole.  

My company is called The Bridge First Aid. I have also set up The Bridge Petworking and The Bridge Mental Health. We deliver Paediatric First Aid, and work First Aid courses. We also deliver bespoke first Aid courses for children, parents, businesses and health care professionals. We deliver Canine and Pet First Aid courses and I deliver Adult Mental Health First Aid courses. The Adult Mental Health First Aid course is a two day course and accredited by MHFA England. I personally think we would change the world if as many people had training in Mental Health First Aid as Physical first aid. We also offer Youth Mental Health First aid.

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