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Our Latest Reviews

Millie's Trust Carribean Blue Hoodie - Adult
Toni Bainbridge
9th February 2019
Just got my new Hoodie this morning, and I think its going to be my favourite Hoodies ever! Is such good quality material and its so warm! Thank you so much! Xx
Millie's Trust Washproof Plasters (2 packs)
alison scott
21st January 2019
best plasters ever. they stay on all day waterproof and comfy. i always have them in ready.
Millie's Trust Grey Hoodie - Adult
alison scott
21st January 2019
warm and generous sizing phone pocket too small for my sony experia but i put key in it. (We're sorry your phone doesn't fit in the pocket, most standard size phones but the larger don't, MT)
Millie's Trust Soft Toy Giraffe - Blue
Joanne Bower
28th November 2018
Just received my giraffe he is ace and so big. He is so soft. Very happy with him