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Our Latest Reviews

Millie's Trust Soft Toy Giraffe - Blue
Joanne Bower
28th November 2018
Just received my giraffe he is ace and so big. He is so soft. Very happy with him
Millie's Trust Pen
Anna Bell
18th October 2018
I cannot recommend these pens enough - my husband refuses to use other pens now and continually asks for a 'Millie's Pen'. So I will be ordering many more and getting them shipped to us in Canada! Thank you for the inspirational work you do!
Millie's Trust 4GB USB Drive
18th October 2018
Just received my usb stick today. Absolutely love it
Millie's Trust Grey Hoodie - Adult
11th May 2018
Must be the warmest and cosiest hoddie I've owned! Love it ! Love the thumb holes and mobile phone pocket x