Millie's Mark is awarded to 200th nursery

Since Millie's Mark was established, we have been astounded by the amount of settings that have applied for the mark and we are very pleased to announce that the 200th nursery has recently been awarded. 

This is an amazing legacy for our daughter Millie and it's one that reminds people all the time of what we do and why. 

To find out who the 200th setting is - click here

Click here for more details about Millie's Mark and to apply. 

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Jackie Mcinnes On 21st February 2019
Totally amazing, well done to every nursery who has been awarded Millie's Mark, it shows you care about the children in your care. Also well done Millie's trust for making the world a lot safer by making sure more people and school children are being taught this essential life skill. I work in a school and today all our staff are being trained by Millie's trust and in May all our year 6 pupils will be trained, what you are doing is fantastic, keep up the good work. Reply to this comment
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